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Extra Strength Yuda Pilatory Hair Growth Product

Extra Strength Yuda Pilatory Hair Growth Product (Write a review) Extra Strength Yuda Pilatory Hair Growth Product
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Extra Strength Yuda Pilatory Hair Growth Product

Yuda Pilatory (Strong Version) has the functions of accelerating blood circulation on scalp, enhancing the massiness of hair follicles and roots,swelling hair roots, promoting melanin synthesis,mending hair quality, Yuda Pilatory (Strong Version) could also help you with the following ways, such as increasing hair elasticity,speeding up the hair growth and cleaning deposit dirty on sebum of pore thoroughly.Yuda Pilatory is effective to all kinds of hair-loss, alopecia areata and alopecia totalis.It is the most effectual herbal hair growth producth.

Yuda Pilatory (strong Version),adopting Ginseng extract,angelica extract,Polygonum multiflorum extract,is processed by high-tech biological project SFE through extracting active ingredient in effect among those herbs. This product has its unique and precise prescription, dainty raw material and perfect craftwork.That not only extracts the effective active ingredients but also keeps the bioactivity of those raw materials.It has great effect on seborrheic alopecia,alopecia areata,hybrid alopecia,postpartum alopecia and Chemical alopecia
?main ingredients?Ginseng extract, angelica extract, Polygonum multiflorum extract
?usage and dosage?two times a day( morning and evening), spray 1ml in one time(spray 5-6 times) Increase or reduce the dosage according to the specific condition.
?function?Anti-hair loss,hair-regrowth
1.This product is external use spray, can not be eaten.
2.this product can only be used on scalp
?sheft life?36months
?approval code?WZTZ[2007]no.0353
?production license code?YWXZZ[2002] no. 0068
?Record warrant Code?YWXBZ[2004] no.0008
?Standard Employed?(GB15979-2002)
?manufacture?Kunming Runyantang Cosmetic Co.,Ltd
?address?no.372 West RenminRoad, Kunming,Yunnan
?product advantage?To cure hair loss,alopecia seborrheica or pelade, pls use Yuda Pilatory.


1. Why could Yuda pilatory make hair regrow?
The function of Yuda product is warming and activating meridian, dispelling wind and eliminating dampness, activating blood, replenishing qi and blood, nutrition skin, supply balance nutrition of scalp, improve physiological function, then hairs could be well nutritioned. It could strength microcirculation status of scalp, impel telangiectasis, activate activity of hair mother cell, enhance exchange permeation ability of various gland and hair follicle. Then make hair follicle refresh function, absorb necessary nutrient. And hair regrowth could get.

2.The therapeutic range of Yuda Pilatory
Yuda Pilatory is effective in treating seborrheic alopecia Entire bare, alopecia, the nerve escapes sends, and Post-natal escapes sends.

3.The characters of Yuda Pilatory.
(1) Yuda Pilatory is a traditional pharmaceutical optimum combined. It is producted according to gold ratio. It can stop doffing and grow new hair effectively.
(2) There are 3 bottles of spray one set. (60ml/bottle)
(3) Yuda pilatory can activation of hair from the mother cell vitality so that the hair follicle start to regain function, based on the root cause, for the growth of hair to create a good environment.
(4) Plant products are pure, non-toxic side effects.
(5) We adopt the advanced technology of penetrating peel. It can be absorbed quickly, effect in short time, and very convient to use.

4.What are the advantages adopting the penetrating peel technology?
Yuda contents pure natural traditional Chinese medicine, which can promote the permeation of angelica sinensis through changing skin cuticle cells' arrangements. It can affect hydration of skin cuticle cells. It can dissolve sebum of sebaceous gland. Yuda can enlarge mechanism of sweet gland and hair follicle so as to improve the skin's absorbing of drugs. It owns the unusual characters compared with others by using penetrating peel technology. First, it can avoid the damage of livers and stomatches. Second, it can reduce using times but prelong the functional duration. Third, this product can reach hair follicis directly, effect accurately and quickly. Last not least, it can save expensive cost, avoid troubles while using, the complexited of introduction of ions. There is not necessary to message which will spend lmuch time. Yuda is very convient to use.

5.Hong long of Yuda's one treatment course? How many days can a set used for? What are the using methods of Yuda Rogaine?
One course of Yuda is one set which lasts for 3 months.
1. Take on skin surface of head, 1ml per time and 2 times per day.1ml each time (about 5 or 6 sprays) One can reduces and increases the dosage according to yourself.
Keep hair and skin surface of head dry before using. Pls spray the product on skin surface of head.
One set can be used for 3 months. It shouldn't stop during taking

6.If one healed and grew out his new hair, whether he can stop the product? Will the hair loss again?
Generally, one had better continue using it for a preriod after one has healed. One could loss hair again if you stop so early. After you recoveried completely, it won't recurrent if you pay attention to eliminate the etiology.

7.If using our products, whether one can regain new hair when he has been sutured from the wound?
Answer: If you treat in time once the wound healed, one could grow new hair from the undamaged hair follicles. However, one couldn't gain new hair 2mm around the suture for the damaged hair follicles.

8.What are the symptoms of seborrheic alopecia Entire bare?
The symptoms of seborrheic alopecia Entire bare are more scalp pomade or dandruff, or both appearances. At the same time, it is serious on the ahead or vertex. Hair will drop slowly and can become thinner and softer etc..

9.What are the symptoms of alopecia?
Alopecia occurs in a sudden time without any symptoms. The patients won't know what happened at all. The first alopecia can be occurred in any part, but usually it simply begins with head, eyebrow, and beard. There are 95% only on the head. Alopecis always shows independently loss and limited abscission. It is round or ellipse with clear margins. The diameter is more than 1 or 2cm. The alopecis scope is smooth, light, without atropic, but the follicis can be seen clearly. It is uneasily deciduous around the alopecis parts. The roots of hair loss turn thinner, and the follicis reduced. If it turns worse and the number increasing, there can be spots with different and unregular shapes. Most of the patients can be recoveried. Few people can alopecis again after recovery. If let alopecis develop by itself, it can turn worse and worse. You will bald at last. At that time, the head keeps the same appearance but all bald. If it is serious, one can loss all the hair on his body, the eyebrow,beard, eyelash, hircus, pubes, and so on. This is called alopecia universalis.

10.How is the effectiveness of "Yuda Pilatory" regarding pelada?
Pelada belongs to the treatment scope "Yuda Pilatory".Generally people can grow some thin and small new hair after 1month's continuous usage. The newly hair is white and thin, and it can turn to yellow, black, from thin to thick. The majority of mild patients can recovery after 1-2 treatment courses, the middle-leveled and serious patients will take longer time comparatively.

11.What is the difference of pelada and the incrustation sickness?
Pelada and the incrustation sickness are very similar, they mostly represent of laminated shape escapes.
But the affected part of pelada is red and more flushing whose follicle can not die within 1 year and can regrow by using "Yuda Pilatory". The incrustation sickness is not only hair loss, but also there accompanies some other some sickness as if: neuralgia, abdominal pain, migraine and so on, and the trouble place skin is hollow, changes hard, the hair-follicle seriously withers, and it is very difficult completely recovery by using of medicine.

12.Why women's hair massively falls off post partum, which is very good beforehand?
Front blade of brain excretes more adrenocorticotrophic hormone and gonadotrophic hormone when women in gestation. The results are these is prolong the growing period of the hair. But after the childbirth, woman's hormone level starts to drop, so the hair in growing period enters together to caesura time. The hair follicle in caesura time increased massively to cause hair loss. After using this product, through the hormone secretion and the regulation of metabolism, increases the hair nutrition supplies, may prevent the hair falls off, causes the hair regeneration.

13. I have used it for one month, how could I see the effect?
Answer: The right way is:pls divide affected hairs, use handtorch and magnifier, you could see some new thin and small hairs regrowed. Normally, it is easy to see the result after washing hairs become dry.

14.Is there restriction of ages?
Generally, there is no ages restrictions for the treatment. It has something to do with the patients' history, degrees, and the sensitivity of the products. Usually, one can grow new hair after using Yuda. But the length maybe caused by the different ages.

1.Why is there a sence of itch when using Herbal Rogaine?
It is common that itch is caused by folliculitis, dermatitis, allergic and etc.. It you have such appearances, you had better not use. When you are recovery completely, you can use it. If you haven't the appearances above, itch is due to the rapidly permeation. If itch occurs after 30 days, the reason is the new grown hair. Never mind it.

16.How does YUDA achieve the effect ?
YUDA can excite the nerve in hair vesicle and release the nutrition element to activate the hair vesicle , through which the hair regrowth can be obtained and the hair can be thickened . Simultaneously ,YUDA provides plenty of amino acid and microelement for the hair vesicle . So when you use YUDA for a period of time , the hair vesicle can get more nutrition and prolong the the growth period , and you can get longer and thicker hair .

17.Do I need the prescription from my doctor before I use the YUDA ?
No. YUDA is a kind of special cosmetics which has obtained the approval and authentication from the national sanitation department

18.Is YUDA useful for the forehead hair loss ?
According to the company's early tryout experiment , YUDA can achieve good results for the top hair regrowth as well as the forehead hair .

19.Can YUDA be used for eyebrow regrowth ?
YUDA is a kind of spray . To avoid the hurt to your eyes , don't use it for the eyebrow regrowth . In addition , YUDA is only used for hair regrowth in clinic experiment but not for beard or other body hair . There is no scientific prove , so we don't advise you to try that , otherwise you will take the risk by yourself .

20.Is YUDA good for women ,too ?
Yes, it is good for both men and women .

21.What will happen when I stop after using YUDA for some time ?
If the indication of baldness doesn't disappear completely when you stop using YUDA , your new hair will lose again in several months .
22.What is the difference between YUDA trade edition and enhancement edition ?
YUDA enhancement edition is the condensed elite from the trade one . So it can bring you a quicker effect within a shoter period of treatment .

23. Is it safe when I use YUDA ?
Yes, absolutely . It is made from purely natural and traditional Chinese herbs and it is mild, safe and free of toxicity . Its safety has been proven by human tryout examination .

24. Can I go swimming or bathing after using YUDA ?
You should wait one or two hours before you go swimming or bathing . Make sure you have dried your hair after swimming or bathing when you use YUDA , because YUDA can achieve the best effect in this way . Please treat your scalp well and use the mild shampoo. The shampoo of alkalescence with high cleanliness will make your scalp overdry and more sensible to itchy . So please choose the mild shampoo and make sure you have wash the hair clean .

25. What is the pathologic hair loss ?
An individual lose 30-100 hair on average every day . This is normal metabolism . The hair we lose every day is approximately as much as the newborn hair , which prevent people from baldness. If the quantity is over the number above and the hair is getting thinner obviously , that is pathologic hair loss . If The hair loss is not heavy , but the hair grows specially slow , and the hair is thinner and thinner , This is also the pathologic hair loss .

26. If I suffer from Seborrheic Alopecia , and I find my hair loss is lighteninng obviously after I using one suit of YUDA , do I need go on using it ?
In most cases , your hair loss can be controled in normal metabalism after you use YUDA for 5-15 days , and little new hair can come out after continual use for 15-30 days . The light sufferer can see the nice curative effect after continual use for 3 months , while the heavy sufferer need longer time . If you stop using it before the right time , the curative effect will be reduced . So it would be better you continue using it for one more month after the hair become completely normal .

27. Why does the hair loss increase in the initial period of using YUDA?
Your hair loss may seem to increase within the first week of using YUDA. That is the sign of newborn hair replacing the existing hair . The phenomenon is expected , and is part of the hair regrowth process . It is temporary, but if this kind of phenomenon continues above for a week, it's suggested you go t see a doctor.

28. In the course of treatment, the use has been stopped for a period of time, then I go on to use, will the curative effect be influenced ?
Long-term usage has the best effect . If you accidentally stops the medicine for two or three days, the influences is not big. But if you stops using it for a excessively long time , the drug efficacy will be obviously influenced.

29. Is hair losss the hereditary disease?
The hereditary disease refers to that with the heredity gene flaw, for example,albinism, hemophilia and so on. Although hair losss some to be possibly related with heredity ,but now we have not yet found the accurate gene to be able to confirm.Therefore it is very difficult to determine whether hair losss belongs to the hereditary disease.

30. I am suffering from alopecia areata ,and I have taken medicine for two months. Now the hair has grown about half an inch , white.Why hasn't it changed black?
The new hair is white and little for the patient of alopecia areata .In the situation of long period of sufferings, due to the former wrong treatment , the new white hair need a long time to become black again .

31. I have used this product for 15 days , why can't I feel the obvious effect ?
In the period of usage, it is normal to loss hair ( 30-100 hairs on average every day ).If the product is not used incessantly ,no attention is paid to catering , resting or mentation , plus the difference of sensitivity to the product between individuals , the control of hair loss will be influnced . In this situation, more attention should be paid to correct some behaviors, and the product should go on be used.

32. Will my body hair increase when I use YUDA ?
YUDA is extracted from purely and natural herbs without any hormone , so it won't give effect to other body hair.
33. Can I take a sunshine after using YUDA ?
Certainly . YUDA cures the hair loss through the advanced transdermal technique .When you are in the sunlight , the permeation capability of skin will be enhanced, and the effective ingredients will be absorbed more easily . But you should not get sunburnt , because the insolation will damage your skin , as well as change the effective ingredients of the product .

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